Sales Engineers, Solution Architects, Technologists, ...

Short version

Please join a LinkedIn group for Sales Engineers: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=8403310

Long version

We are being called Pre-Sales, Sales Engineers, Solution Architects, Technical Sales, Technologists, Evangelists and so on. Many names for one of the most important assets of any product company.

We learn how your products are being made, we learn how to use your products, we learn what problems they solve solve.

We know your customers, we know their needs, we know how to position the product against your competitor.

We study new technologies, we learn new methods, we develop solutions to problems you didn't know even existed.

Sales Engineering is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

There's a group for all of us. Independent of our customers, not controlled by our employers. Non-profit, advertisement free. 

Sales Engineering Wordwide


Color coding your shell prompt

Someone asked me how to get colors into your bash shell prompt. Easy!

Add this your ".bashrc". Additionally I've added a text variable which could be used to show for example "OpenStack", "KVM" or similar to identify on which datacenter you are operating on.

# User specific aliases and functions
datacenter="[Red Hat]"
export PS1='\[\e[1;32m\]\u@\h:\w\e[1;31m${datacenter}\e[1;32m$\[\e[m\] '

Test by running: "source .bashrc"

The color codes are highlighted. Some example colors:
Black 0;30
Red 0;31
Green 0;32
Brown 0;33
Blue 0;34
Purple 0;35
Dark cyan 1;36

(0=bright, 1=dark color)

Your terminal should look something like this now: