All in one cloud

Cloud in a box

I'm running Fedora on my laptop with 8GB of RAM. I recently swapped the original HDD to a SSD disk to see if the performance could be improved. Before the swap I had tested running OpenStack on the laptop but it was rather slow once I deployed more than one instance.

The SSD disk seemed to be performing quite well on normal desktop use, so I wanted to see what happens if I start to give some load on it.

I installed RHEL7 on a virtual machine with Virtual Machine Manager, and then installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform - or RHEL OSP - on it. So far so good.

Next step was to deploy Red Hat CloudForms - a hybrid cloud orchestrator - on a VM, this time on RHEL 6.6. That went well also.

Finally I connected CloudForms to the OpenStack controller via API, and started to deploy some virtual instances on my tiny cloud. Still after deploying 6 pieces of a small CirrOS instances, my laptop had enough CPU cycles and memory to run the normal desktop operations.

So, if you fancy of having a small cloud in a box for demonstration or learning purposes it's possible. Just ensure you have fast enough SSD disk and plenty of RAM available.